In September when I came for consultation everyone was really nice and helpful and the doc answered all my questions and I decided yes this is where I want to have my surgery done and so Monday the 10th of October I had what I consider extensive oral surgery done by Dr. Lane and I was a nervous wreck when I got there but they made me very comfortable and she got through it great and did an amazing excellent great job! And I got through it thanks to the staff and Dr. Lane and then to top all that off the doc herself called me that evening to make sure I was ok since I had so much done! That just blows me away usually it's a nurse or a receptionist they have call but that wasn't the case this time and she told me to call if I need anything which usually I'm scared to do but I think I'm gunna have to call tomorrow because I'll run out of 2 meds over the weekend and I think I still need a couple days worth as I'm still sore and I honestly expect no problems and I dont feel nervous at all. Just overall a wonderful experience and an amazing staff and Dr. Lane is the best doc I've ever seen. It was a privilege to come here. And I would adamantly recommend anyone needing oral care to give Dr. Lane a try -Nick Gray

- Nicholas G

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