Dr. Jenny Lane – Patient Reviews

Dr. Lane and Staff, It is the day 2 of my wisdom teeth recovery and I felt led last night to write you all a thank you for your services. I want to acknowledge foremost that my consultation was a comforting experience considering the trauma that my body, specifically my face would endure after the surgery. After my consultation, I shared with my partner that it was a breath of fresh air not to see a single man in the dentist office. I told her it felt different but also very natural. I prefer it quite frankly. Perhaps there were men around and I didn’t know it. But that’s not important, what is important is that I write my experience of being in the midst of you women. If anyone out of our species understands what it means to nurture the frail and broken in the face of this precarious life it is —Woman. You were all professional, delicate and straight to the point. So much of the experience of going into any health office is to reassure the patient they have nothing to worry about. Specialist like yourselves are tapped into something rather ancient and profound, that is, the art of healing. The promise of healing opens up in the heart the chance to trust humanity again. I didn’t care how much money I had to spend extracting the four wisdom teeth, it’s not every day you feel a sense of trust and peace about a surgery beforehand as I did. Sure the day of I had some anxiety, but that is the human in a nutshell, an anxious little animal. As expected, pain has arrived, but it is humbling to feel its small vibrations close to the face. I imagine these pains for the next few days to be small songs of grief that the other teeth and the whole mouth will sing in honor of the ol’ Wise Ones. Martin Prechtel once wrote: “Grief is praise, because it is the natural way love honors what it misses.” I always tell my friends, pain is just another face of love. Perhaps pain after a surgery is also the body’s song of thanks for listening to it again and learning to co-exist. I do believe I have less pain than one normally does due to being surrounded by feminine energy who aims to heal. May you all know how much the world is in need of woman now with her strong intuition toward the tender awareness of the power of healing. Grace to you all. Kindly, Steven Berbec

- Steven B

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